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Александр Алексеенко
Английский перевод первого текста из Благовестия, с комментарием. Наверное, уже есть, да?))
Выкладываю здесь в виде сообщений для редакции текста, а потом тему можно будет удалить, чтобы зря не висела.

Также послал в текстовом виде в ВК Отцу Виктору. Все-таки перевести сложнее, чем поправить ошибки.)

Collection of translations.
In the semantic order of the narrative "Evangelism."

From the author of the translation.

My appeal to Orthodoxy began even before 2012. In this translation I will try to place "words"1 in a certain semantic order. Because in my opinion it is almost impossible to understand what is going on in the texts, if you read them in a row. A person who wants to get into the course of the matter will have to reread the texts several times to understand how they are related to each other.

Unconditionally, to understand what is written in the texts is difficult, if you are not an Orthodox Christian and are not familiar with the Orthodox doctrine of the Holy Fathers of the Church (teaching), which they received from Christ. In the "Evangelism" it is a question of revelations written literally "from that Light". The message comes from St. Seraphim of Sarov, who in the posthumous became the third Archistrategus3 of God, instead of the fallen lucifer. By the vocation of monasticism, they replace places among fallen angels, today's demons. And finally it became known which of the people replaced satan, and became the third Archangel of the bodiless Forces of Heaven.

All terms are "quoted".
1. "words" one theme of "Evangelism" what was said by Archistrategus Seraphim
2. "Evangelism" - Text what we get "from that light"
3. Archistrategus - One of Three main Angels like Archistrategus Michael and Archistrategus Gabriel

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Александр Алексеенко

Before the word one: “Why devil may cry? Or why all demons hate Cross.”

The Life and Affliction of the Holy Martyr Ciprian and the Holy Martyr of the Justina.

Holy [ ɪʊstɪnæ] and Holy [ kɪprɪæn]

In the reign of Decius, a certain philosopher lived in Antioch and the famous wizard, named Cyprian, originally from Carthage. Originating from wicked parents, he was still in his childhood devoted to serving the pagan god Apollo. For seven years he was given to the sorcerers to learn witchcraft and demonic wisdom. Upon reaching the age of ten, he was sent by his parents to prepare for the priestly ministry on Mount Olympus, which the Gentiles called the dwelling of the gods; there were countless idols in which the demons dwelt. On this mountain, Cyprian learned all the devil's tricks: he realized various demonic transformations, learned to change the properties of the air, wind, produce thunder and rain, anger the sea waves, harm gardens, vineyards and fields, send illnesses and ulcers to people, and generally learned destructive wisdom and the evil of diabolical activity. He saw there countless hordes of demons led by with a king of darkness, some of them waited, others served, others exclaimed, praising their king, and others were sent to the world to seduce people. There he also saw imaginary images of pagan gods and goddesses, as well as various ghosts and ghosts, which he teaching to evoking, then he was in a strict forty-day fast; When the sun went over the horizon, then he ate, and not bread, and not any other food, but oak acorns.

When he was fifteen years old, he listened to the lessons of the seven great shadow priests, from whom many demonic secrets were revealed. Then he went to the city of Argos, where, after serving for some time to the goddess Hera, he learned many of the deceptions of her priest. He also lived in Tavropol, serving Artemis, and from there he went to Lacedaemon, where he learned to use various sorceries and obsession to call the dead out of the graves and made them speak. Twenty years of age Cyprian came to Egypt, and in the city of Memphis he was trained in even more sorceries and sorcery. In the thirtieth year he went to the Chaldeans and, having learned there astrology, completed his teaching, after which he returned to Antioch, being perfect in every crime. So he became a sorcerer, a sorcerer and a murderer, a great friend and loyal slave of the king of hell, with whom he talked face to face, having received from him a great honor, as he himself had openly witnessed.

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"Believe me," he said, "that I saw the very king of darkness, for I have propitiated him with sacrifices; I greeted him and spoke with him and his elders; he loved me, praised my mind and before all said: "Here is the new Zambria, always ready for obedience and worthy of fellowship with us!" And he promised me to place me prince, after my departure from the body, and during the earthly life - in all things to help me, so he gave me a regiment of demons to the service.When I left him, he addressed me with the words: "Be brave, assiduous Cyprian, get up and accompany me: let all the demons of the demons are surprised to you." Because of this , and all his princes were attentive to me, seeing the honor rendered to me. was like a flower, his head was crowned with a crown made (not really, but ghostly) of gold and shiny stones, so that all the space was illuminated - and his clothes were amazing .When he turned to that or the other side , the whole place trembled,
and a multitude of evil spirits of various degrees dutifully stood at his throne, Then I gave all myself in the service, obeying his every command.

Hence it is clear which person Cyprian was: as a friend of demons, he did all their deeds, causing harm to people and seducing them. While he was living in Antioch, he seduced many people to all lawlessness, killed many people with poison and sorcery, and killed young men and maidens as a sacrifice to demons. He taught Many of them to his disastrous witchcraft: some - to fly through the air, others - to swim in the boats to the clouds, and others to walk on the water. He was revered and glorified by all pagans as the most important priest and wisest servant of their vile gods. Many addressed him in their own needs, and he helped them with the demonic power, which he was fullfilled: he helped one in fornication, the other in anger, enmity, vengeance, envy. Already he was in the depths of hell and in the mouth of the devil, he was the son of Gehenna, a participant in the demonic heritage and their eternal destruction. But the Lord, not wanting the death of the sinner, in His unutterable goodness and mercy not overcome by human's sins, deigned to seek this lost man, to take from the abyss of the one who was buried in the infernal depths and save him, to show all people His mercy, for there is no sin, what can defeat His philanthropy. He saved Cyprian from the death in the following way.

At that time there lived in Antioch a certain girl named Justina. She came from pagan parents: her father was an idol priest, named Edessa, and her mother was called Cleodonia. One day, sitting at the window in her house, this girl, who had already come to a perfect age, accidentally heard the words of salvation from the lips of a deacon passing by, named Prailia. He spoke of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ - that He was born of the Most-Pure Virgin and, having created many miracles, he took suffer for our salvation, rose from the dead with glory, ascended to heaven, sat on the right hand of the Father and reigns forever. This preaching of the deacon fell on good soil, in the heart of Justina, and soon began to bear fruit, eradicating the thorns of unbelief in it. Justina wanted better and more perfect to learn the faith of the deacon, but she did not dare to seek him, held by the girlish modesty. However, she secretly went to the church of Christ and, often listening to the word of God, when she felt the Holy Spirit on her heart, she believed in Christ. Soon she convinced her and her mother, and then led to faith and her elderly father. Seeing the reason of her daughter and hearing her wise words, Edessius reasoned with himself: "Idols are made by the hands of men and have neither a soul nor breath, and therefore - how they can be gods." Reflecting on this, one night he saw in a dream, according to Divine permission, a wonderful vision: he saw a great host of luminous angels, and among them was Christ the Savior of the world, Who said to him:

- "Come to me, and I will give you the kingdom of heaven."

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Edessiah, have risen in the morning, went with his wife and daughter to a Christian bishop, named Ontata, and asking him to teach them Christ's faith and to perform holy baptism on them. At the same time he told the words of his daughter and the angelic vision he had seen. Hearing this, the bishop rejoiced at their conversion, and, instructing them in the faith of Christ, baptized Edessa, his wife Cleodynia, and daughter Justina, and then, having communed of the Holy Mysteries, he released in peace. When Edesius strengthened himself in Christ's believing, the bishop, seeing his piety, appointed him presbyter. After this, having lived virtuously and in fear of God for a year and six months, Edessa in his holy faith ended his life. Justina, however, valiantly fought in observance of the commandments of the Lord and, loving the Bridegroom of her Christ, served Him diligently with prayers, virginity and chastity, fasting and great abstinence. But the enemy, a hater of the human race, seeing such a life of hers, envied her virtues and began to harm her, causing various calamities and tribulations.
At that time a certain youth lived in Antioch, named Aglaid, the son of wealthy and noble parents. He lived luxuriously, all giving himself over to the vanity of this world. Once he saw Justina as she went to church, he was amazed at her beauty. The devil instilled bad intentions in his heart. Aglaid was burning by lust, has began to try with all means to gain the favor and love of Justina, and, through seduction, bring the pure Agniess of Christ to the foulness conceived by him. He watched all the ways the girl was supposed to go, and, meeting her, told her flattering speeches, praising her beauty and glorifying her; showing his love for her. He tried to entice her to fornication with a cunning net of seduction, the girl turned away and avoided him, disdaining him and not even wanting to listen to his flattering and crafty speeches. Not cooling in her lust for her beauty, the young man sent to her with a request that she agree to become his wife.

She answered him:

"My bridegroom is Christ; To Him I serve, and for Him sake I keep my purity. He protects my soul and body from all filth.

Hearing such a reply from a chaste virgin, Aglaid, incited by the devil, was even more furious with passion. Not being able to seduce her, he planned to kidnap her by force. Gathering at the aid of such reckless young men, he waited the girl at the way on which she usually went to church for prayer; there he met her and, grabbing, <...> She stuffed him in the face and spit on him. Hearing her screams, the neighbors ran out of the houses and took away the virgin lamb, holy Justin, from the hands of the wicked youth, like a wolf's mouth. The rioters mans fled, and Aglaid returned with shame to his house. Not knowing what to do next, he, with increasing impure lust, decided on a new evil deed: he went to the great sorcerer and wizzard - Cyprian, the priest of the idol and, telling him his sorrow, asked for his help, promising to give him a lot gold and silver. After hearing Aglaida, Cyprian consoled him, promising to fulfill his desire.

"I," he said, "will do so that the damsel herself will seek your love and will feel for you a passion even stronger than you are towards her."

So comforting the young man, Cyprian let him go. After taking books on his secret art, he called one of the unclean spirits, in which he was sure that he could soon inflame the heart of Justina with this young man's passion. Bes willingly promised him to fulfill this and proudly said:

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"It's not difficult for me, for I've shaken cities many times, ruined the walls, destroyed houses, caused bloodshed and parricide, settled hostility and great anger between brothers and spouses, and many who vowed virginity, led to sin; the monks settled in the mountains and accustomed to a strict fasting, never even thinking of flesh, I instilled lascivious lust and taught them to serve the fleshly passions; people turned to repentance and turned away from sin, I turned them again to evil deeds; I cast many chaste people into fornicating. Why I could not be able to incline that girl to love Aglaid? What am I saying? I will soon show my strength. Take this potion (he gave a vessel filled with something) and give it to that young man: let him sprinkle the house of Justina for them, and you will see that what I have said will come true.
Having said this, the demon disappeared. Cyprian summoned Aglaid and sent him to sprinkle the house of Justina secretly from the diabolical vessel. When this was done, the prodigal demon entered there with the fire arrows of carnal lust, to sting the girl's heart with fornication, and to flesh her with unclean lust.

Justina had the custom of praying to the Lord every night. And so, when she, after the custom, having risen at three o'clock in the morning, prayed to God, she suddenly felt in her body the excitement, the storm of bodily lust and the flame of the Gehenn's fire. In this excitement and internal struggle, she remained for a rather long time: the young man Aglaid came to her memory, and her bad thoughts were born. The girl was surprised and ashamed herself, sensing that her blood was boiling like in a cauldron; she was now thinking about something she always shunned as filth. But, in her discretion, Justina realized that this struggle arose in her from the devil; she immediately turned to the weapon of the sign of the cross, resorted to God with a warm prayer and from the depths of her heart she cried out to Christ, her Bridegroom:

"O Lord my God, Jesus Christ!" - behold, my enemies have risen up against me, have prepared a net for capturing me and exhausted my soul. But I remembered your name in the night and rejoiced, and now when they press me, I resort to You and I hope that my enemy will not triumph over me. For thou knowest, O Lord my God, that I, thy servant, have kept for thee the purity of my body, and have entrusted my soul unto Thee. But keep thy sheep, the good shepherd, do not give to beast that seeketh to devour me; grant me victory over the evil desire of my flesh.

Praying long and hard, than the holy virgin disgraced the enemy. He was defeated by her prayer, fled from her with shame, and again there was peace in the body and heart of Justina; The flame of lust was extinguished, the struggle stopped, the boiling blood calmed down. Justin glorified God and sang a triumphant song. But he returned to Cyprian with the sad news that he had achieved nothing.

Cyprian asked him why he could not defeat the girl.

he demon, though reluctantly, revealed the truth:

"Therefore I could not overcome her, that I saw on her a certain sign, which was afraid.

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Then Cyprian called for a more evil demon and sent him to seduce Justina. He went and did much more than the first, attacking the girl with more fury. But she armed herself with a warm prayer and put on herself a most powerful feat: she put on a haircloth and killed her flesh with abstinence and fasting, eating only bread and water. Having tamed thus the passions of his flesh, Justin defeated the devil and drove him away in disgrace. He, like the first, did not have time, returned to Cyprian. Then Cyprian called one of the princes of demons, told him about the weakness of the devils sent, who could not defeat one girl, and asked for help from him. He severely reproached the former demons for their lack of skill in this business and for the inability to inflame the passion in the heart of the girl. Encouraged by Cyprian and promising to seduce the maiden in other ways, the king of demons took the form of a woman and entered Justin's house. And he began to talk piously with her, as if wishing to follow the example of her virtuous life and chastity. So talking, he asked the girl what a reward for such a strict life and for keeping cleanliness.

Justina answered that the reward for the living in chaste is incalculable, and it is quite surprising that people do not care much for such a great treasure as angelic purity. Then the devil, discovering his shamelessness, began to seduce her with cunning speeches:

- How could there be peace? how would people be born? After all, if Eve kept purity, then how would the multiplication of the human race take place? Truly a good deed is the marriage that God Himself has established; he and the Holy Scripture praise, saying: "Marriage is to all [be] honest and the bed is undefileds" (Heb. 13: 4). And many of the saints of God were married, marriage is sacrament which the Lord gave to people for comfort, that they rejoice over their children and praise God.

Listening to these words, Justina recognized the deceitful seducer - the devil and more skillfully than Eve, defeated him. Without continuing the conversation, she immediately resorted to the protection of the Cross of the Lord and placed her honest sign on her face, and turned her heart to Christ, her Bridegroom. And the devil immediately disappeared with even greater shame than the first two demons.

In great embarrassment the proud king of demons returned to Cyprian. Cyprian, on learning that he had not had time, said to the devil:

"Can it be that you, the king strong and more skilled in this business, could not defeat the girls?" Who of you can do anything with this unconquerable maiden's heart? Tell me, what kind of weapon does it fight with you, and how does it make your mighty strength too weak?

Defeated by the power of God, the devil reluctantly confessed:

"We can not look at the sign of the cross, but we flee from it, because it burns us like fire and drives us far away.

Cyprian was displeased with the devil because he confounded him and, demeaning the demon, said:

"This is your strength, that a weak maiden wins you!"

Then the devil, desirous of comforting Cyprian, made another attempt: he took the image of Justina and went to Aglaid in the hope that by accepting him as a true Justina, the young man would satisfy his desire, and thus neither his demonic weakness would be revealed, nor Cyprian will not be confounded. And so, when the demon came to Aglaid in the guise of Justina, he jumped in ineffable joy, ran to the imaginary maiden, embraced her and began to kiss him, saying:

"It's good that you came to me, beautiful Justina!"

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But only the young man pronounced the word "Justina", the demon immediately disappeared, not being able to bear even the name of Justina. The young man was very frightened and, having run up to Cyprian, told him about what had happened. Then Cyprian, with his magic, gave him the image of a bird and, making him able to fly through the air, sent Justina to the house, advising him to fly into her room through the window. The demon carried through the air Aglaid flew in the image of a bird to the house of Justina and wanted to sit on the roof. At this time, Justina happened to look out the window of her room. Seeing her, the devil left Aglaid and fled. At the same time, Aglaid's ghostly appearance, in which he seemed like a bird, also disappeared, and the young man nearly broke himself, flying down. He grasped the edge of the roof and, holding on to it, hung, and if it had not been sent down to earth by the prayer of Saint Justina, the wicked one would have fallen, and had crashed. So, having achieved nothing, the young returned to Cyprian and told him about his grief. Seeing himself ashamed, Cyprian was very sad and decided to go to Justina, hoping for the power of his magic. He turned into a woman and a bird, but before he could reach the door of the house of Justina, as already the ghostly likeness of a beautiful woman, and also the bird, disappeared, and he returned with sorrow.

After this, Cyprian began to take revenge for his disgrace and induced various calamities to the house of Justina and to the homes of all her kin, neighbors and acquaintances, as the devil once did on the righteous Job (Job 1: 15-19; 2: 7). He killed their cattle, struck their slaves with ulcers, and thus plunged them into excessive sorrow. He struck the disease and Justina herself, so she lay in bed, and her mother cried for her. Justina, however, consoled her mother with the words of the prophet David: "I will not die, but I will live and proclaim the works of the Lord" (Psalm 117: 17).

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Александр Алексеенко
Not only Justin and her relatives, but also the whole city, at God's expense, brought Cyprian into disaster, owing to his indomitable rage and great shame. There were ulcers in animals and various diseases among people; and passed, according to demonic action, a rumor that the great priest Cyprian was executing the city for resisting him Justina. Then the most honorable citizens came to Justina urging her not to sorrow more Cyprian and marry Aglaide, in order to avoid even greater disasters because of her for the entire city. She reassured everyone, saying that soon all the disasters caused by the demons by Cyprian would cease. And it happened. When Saint Justina prayed diligently to God, immediately all the demonic obsession ceased; all were healed of ulcers and recovered from disease. When such a change took place, people glorified Christ, and scoffed at Kyprian and his cunning magic, so that he could no longer appear among the people and with shame avoided meeting even acquaintances. Convinced that the strength of the sign of the cross and the Name of Christ can not be conquered, Cyprian came to himself and said to the devil:

"O, destroyer and seducer of all, the source of all impurity and filth!" Now I have recognized your infirmity. For if you are afraid even of the shadow of the cross and tremble the Name of Christ, what will you do when Christ Himself comes on you? If you can not defeat the overshadowing themselves with a Cross, then whom will you wrest from the hands of Christ? Now I have understood, what a worthless person you are! You can not even take revenge! Having listened to you, I, miserable, were deceived, and I believed your cunning. Get away from me, accursed backsliding, - for I should implore Christians to have mercy on me. I should turn to pious people so that they would save me from death and take care of my salvation. Step away from me, wicked, enemy of truth, adversary and haters of every good.

Hearing this, the devil rushed to Cyprian to kill him, and, attacking, began to beat and crush him. Finding no protection anywhere, and not knowing how to help himself and get rid of the fierce demonic hands, Cyprian, hardly alive, remembered the sign of the Holy Cross, whose power was resisted by Justina all demonic power, and exclaimed:

"God of Justina, help me!"

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Александр Алексеенко
Of course, here we must say that Cyprian was a magician, and tried to repeat exactly the Sign that Justinа had done. In contrast to the modern Orthodox priests, carelessly overshadowing themselves with the wrong Cross. About whom John the Chrysostom said: "demons rejoice in such a frenzy of waving"

Then, raising his hand, he make sign of Cross on himself like Justina, and the devil immediately jumped from him, like an arrow launched from a bow. Gathering with the spirit, Cyprian became bolder and, calling on the name of Christ, make sign of Cross on himself and stubbornly resisted to the demon, cursing him and reproaching him. The devil, standing away from him and not daring to approach, for fear of the sign of the cross and the Name of Christ, threatened Cyprian in every possible way, saying:
"Christ will not deliver you from my hands!"

Then, after a long and furious attack on Cyprian, the demon snarled like a lion, and retired.

Then Cyprian took all his magic books and went to the Christian bishop Anfim. Having fallen at the feet of the bishop, he begged to grant him mercy and perform a holy baptism on him. Knowing that Cyprian is a great and for all a terrible wizard, the bishop thought that he came to him with some cunning, and therefore refused him, saying:

"You do a lot of wickedness among the Gentiles; Leave the Christians alone, so that you do not die in the near future.

Then Cyprian with tears confessed all to the bishop and gave him his books for burn in fire. Seeing his humility, the bishop taught him and guided the holy faith, and then ordered him to prepare for baptism; He burned the books before all the believing citizens.

Departing from the bishop with a broken heart, Cyprian wept over his sins, sprinkled his ashes on his head and sincerely repented, appealing to the true God for the purification of his iniquities. On the next day he went to church, he listened to the word of God with joyful emotion, standing among believers. When the deacon ordered the catechumens to get out, saying: "catechumens get out" [16], - some already left, Cyprian did not want to go out, telling the deacon:

- I am a servant of Christ; do not cast me out of here.

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Александр Алексеенко
The deacon said to him:

"Since the holy baptism has not yet been performed on you, you must leave the temple."

On this Cyprian answered:

"Christ lives, my God, who delivered me from the devil, who kept the maiden Justina pure and pardoned me; You will not expel me from the church until I become a perfect Christian.

The deacon said about this to the bishop, and the bishop, seeing Cyprian's zeal and devotion to Christ's faith, called him to him and immediately baptized him in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Having learned of this, Saint Justina thanked God, distributed alms to beggars alot, and made an offering to the church. Cyprian on the eighth day by the bishop was putted in the reader, on the twentieth day in the subdeacon, on the thirtieth in the deacon, and a year later ordained to the priesthood. Cyprian completely changed his life, every day he increased his exploits and, constantly mourning previous evil deeds, perfected and ascended from virtue to virtue. Soon he was appointed bishop and in this rank he conducted such a holy life that he was equal to many great saints; At the same time, he zealously cared for the Christ herd entrusted to him. Holy Justin's maiden he set up as a deaconess, and then entrusted her with a maiden monastery, making her abbess over other Christian maidens. By his behavior and instruction, he converted many pagans and purchased them for the church of Christ. Thus, idolatry began to end in that country, and the glory of Christ increased.

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Александр Алексеенко
Seeing the strict life of St. Cyprian, his concern for the faith of Christ and for the salvation of the souls of men, the devil gnashed his teeth and prompted the pagans to slander him before the ruler of the eastern country in that he deceived the gods, turned many people away from them, and Christ, hostile to the gods them, glorify. And now many of the wicked came to the ruler Evtolmiy, who owned those countries, and slandered Cyprian and Justina, accusing them of being hostile to the gods, the king, and all powers-that they embarrass the people, seduce him and lead him by placing the worship of the crucified Christ. At the same time, they asked the ruler to betray Cyprian and Justina for the death penalty. After listening to the request, Evtolmiy ordered to seize Cyprian and Justin and put them in prison. Then, going to Damascus, he took them with him, to judge them. When the prisoners of Christ, Cyprian and Justina were brought to court, he asked Cyprian:

- Why did you change your previous glorious activity when you were a famous servant of the gods and led many people to them?

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Александр Алексеенко
Saint Cyprian told to ruler as he recognized the infirmity and deceit of demons and enlightened the power of Christ, which the demons fear and tremble, disappearing from the sign of the honest cross, and also explained the reason for his conversion to Christ, for which he showed a willingness to die. The torturer did not take Cyprian's words into his heart, but, not being able to answer them, ordered to hang a saint and plan his body, and holy Justin is beaten by mouth and eyes. Throughout the long torment, they unceasingly professed Christ and with thanksgiving undergone all. Then the torturer imprisoned them and tried to bring them back to idolatry with an affectionate admonition. When he was unable to convince them, he ordered them to be thrown into the cauldron; but the boiling cauldron did not do them any harm, and they, as if in a cool place, glorified God. Seeing this, an idol priest, named Athanasius, said:

"In the name of Asclepius [17], I too will throw myself into this fire and shame those wizards."

But as soon as the fire touched him, he immediately died. Seeing this, the tormentor was frightened and, not wanting to judge them any more, sent the martyrs to the ruler Claudius to Nicomedia, [18] describing everything that had happened to them. This ruler condemned them to truncation by sword. When they were brought to the place of execution, Cyprian asked himself some time for prayer, for the sake of first executing Justin: he feared that Justina was not afraid, at the sight of his death. She joyfully bowed her head to the sword and reposed to her Bridegroom, Christ. Seeing the innocent death of these martyrs, a certain Theoktist, who was present there, very much regretted them, and, flushing with his heart towards God, fell to St. Cyprian and, kissing him, declared himself a Christian. Together with Cyprian and he was immediately condemned to truncation. So they put their souls in the hands of God; Their bodies lay six days uncovered. Some of the pilgrims who were there secretly took them and took them to Rome, where they gave one to a virtuous and holy woman, named Rufina, the relative of Claudius Caesar. [19] She buried with honor the bodies of the holy Christ martyrs: Cyprian, Justina and Feoktist. At their coffins many healings came to them with faith. By their prayers let the Lord heal and our bodily and spiritual diseases!

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Александр Алексеенко
Kontakion, Tone 1:
God's wise

From the art of magic, the God's wise man turned to knowledge of the Divine, you were brought to the world like as the wisest of the physician, by giving healing to the righteous, Cyprian with Justina: with her, pray to the people-loving Lord, to save our souls.

From the author of the translation.
So now you understand why all demons hate the sign of Cross. And they must fight against any of Honor Cross, what they found. Because this is fire for them, they cant stay near it.(☦)

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Александр Алексеенко
Word One:
“The war of the devil with the Cross of Jesus Christ.”

The doctrine of antichrist differs from the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ only in that it lacks the Cross of Christ.

Therefore, the disappearance of the Cross from our lives, including the disappearance of its faithful image (☦), is one of the main signs of the coming of the kingdom of antichrist. In the West, it has long been raised the question of replacing the sign of the cross-addition in mathematics with something else that does not resemble it. And Protestantism, which is the foremost movement in the struggle against the unbearable graphics for the demons, preaches with the mouth of the Jehovah's Witnesses that the Lord was crucified, not on the Cross, but on a pole, and so He is depicted - tied to a pillar. And this image is not at all dangerous for demons, and in hell it is quite a place. Because this is a mockery and outrage against our Lord Jesus Christ, denying not only the authenticity of His crucifixion on the Cross, but the whole meaning of this crucifixion.

Therefore, let's take a closer look at all that is hidden behind the secret of Christ's Cross.
So, the Cross of the Lord consists of a vertical line crossed in three places by various rails, the lower one of which is inclined.(☦) What do they all mean? To do this, I again need to quote the words of the Monk Seraphim.

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Александр Алексеенко
"My joy," says the monk, "the entire creation of God can be schematically depicted only in the form of an eight-pointed Orthodox Cross (☦). Everything around, visible and invisible, was created by the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. There is nothing here that would appear in addition to His Divine Will. He keeps on Himself, and Himself, the whole creation, simultaneously being, in His incarnation, a part of it. Everything and everything lives and moves only by Himself. But since He delegates the creation of the universe to the created Angels ("You create the flaming fire with the angels of your spirits and your ministers"), the very process of creating the Angelic Forces looks like this.

The Lord, directly, by Himself creates three great Angelic powers: the Archangel Michael of God - the founder of the horn of the Angels-Zizhditeley or the Angels of Strength, corresponding in the mystical Body of Christ's right hand of the Lord, the Archangel of God Gabriel - the founder of the horn of the Angels-evangelists or the Angels of Grace, corresponding to His left hand, and the former Archistrategus of the Earth - the current Satan, the founder of the horn of demons, who is in the Body of the creation of God is His mystical feet.

Each of these two first Great Angelic Powers, creates by himself and holds the first Angelic Chin of the Cherubim on himself and in himself, Cherubim create the Seraphim and so on, up to the creation of the penultimate angelic Chin of Archangels of simple Angels, which are the last angelic order of the Holy Heavenly Powers of the Bodiless. The same process of successive creation by some others exists also in the former angelic, but today the fallen horn of the devil, with the only difference that at a certain stage this horn begins to be divided into two separate sub-legs corresponding to two separate legs in the mystical Body of Jesus.

The human race, which is still being born before our very eyes, is in this mystical Body of Christ its head-fruit, which is yet to be ripened. For the mystical Body of the creation of God is at the same time a Tree in which there are roots, branches, and fruit.

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Александр Алексеенко
Therefore the meaning of the Crucifixion is also that the Body of Jesus, nailed to the Tree in an attempt to kill not only its Creator, but also His creation, carries in itself very deep inner mystical meanings. And from this itself, the pure graphics of the Cross, free from any impurities of extraneous additions, is a likeness of the flame, scorching demons.

Even a simple four-pointed cross carries such a theology from which demons become ill, but what about the eight-pointed cross ?! That's why they are so panicked about him and fight him, adding to him more and more new lines and patterns, distorting him! The Cross of Christ - the highest theology Divine!

A small cross on the Cross-tree above, created on the basis of a cross-plaque with an inscription in three languages*, once nailed above the Lord's head, signifies the crown of the creation of God and its fruit-humanity. The right part of the main crossbar is a branch of the Angel's horn Archangel Michael, the left is a branch of the Angels of the Archangel of God Gabriel, and the lower strikethrough vertical stick is the two rhizomes of the horn of the demon, headed by Satan, shifted together.The lower one is an oblique wand, it means both the scales of the Judgment of God, and the spear with which the immaculate ribs of Jesus were perforated, and much more, but most importantly, means that this horn is strikethrough and rejected by God. And football and pornography, pedicure and fashion will disappear, and people will wear long-legged clothes, and it will turn out all this "nowadays", in a distant and nightmarish dream of insanity. And everything will become different and different. Amen".

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Александр Алексеенко
Only once in my life the Lord granted me to feel the fullness of chastity, but this moment I remember forever. In trousers, and under them tights, I came one day to the Trinity Church of the Seraphim-Diveevo Convent. And suddenly I felt that I was very ashamed to approach the icons without a cassock. Legs were, as usual, hidden under clothes, but there was a full feeling that they were naked. This was very embarrassing and uncomfortable, and I clearly understood what was happening to me. I understood that this Guardian Angel came into me and made me feel the fullness of the chaste attitude to the surrounding life, the fullness of purity and holiness, in which walking with open legs becomes almost impossible. And I did not know where I had to go. It was embarrassing to approach the relics and icons, it was also inconvenient to be in the church, not to mention going to the Communion! I stood and, convicted by my conscience, I was thinking about what would be experienced in my place by those who walk in short skirts or shorts called shorts ?! And now I would have thought, but what would sodomites have experienced in their cassocks, if they suddenly felt a pang of conscience ?!

The Lord granted me to remember all this horror from unworthy being in the light of truth. And now, I'm giving this to you, who can believe that, like this, we will all be ashamed and unanswered to God in our Private self-condemnation, when unscrupulous demons will convict us of what they themselves told us to create! It will be hard for all of us, the voice of conscience will burn us and denounce, and what kind of paradise can there be then? It's all the same that naked go into a city in which chastity and purity reign, and where we will not only be extremely ashamed, but also physically impossible to be. That's when we really want to fall through the earth, and the darkness of the dungeon will seem to us a place where we can somehow hide from this terrible conviction with our own conscience.

And how it will be a shame to all those who placed the four-pointed cross on the soles of the shoes, who sold all these shoes and bought them, who smoked cigarettes with crosses with the name "Saint George", which were wrapped on packs, who wrapped the herring in orthodox newspapers and stamped on those depicted on linoleum Orthodox crosses ?!

Re: English Texts.

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Александр Алексеенко
And how will it be embarrassing at the same time to the hierarchs and priests, who not only did not struggle with all this, but also justifies the walking through these images ?! I really do not want to be in their place! That's why I'm talking about this, not being afraid that I will be accused of insulting the Patriarch or someone of metropolitean, who badly make a cross by hand, or any elder. "There fearing fear, where no fear" the Holy Scripture tells us. There it will be scary for real, but not here!

Therefore, I call upon the bishops, priests, and all without exception: "Come to your senses and raise your voice against the trampling of the Cross of Christ!" Stop to make Cross wrong by your hand and teach others how to make Cross, because you will be extremely ashamed for one thing to appear before the Lord, how many times it was a shame to our dead brethren! Remove from the icon's shops everything Christ's Crucifixion what turns into flowers! Remove from them completely unnecessary patterns and decorations, attached through anything not-knowing artist! And replace the domes of your temples because crosses of Christ have long been distorted by different geometric additions! Any attempt to cover the symbol of the Cross with additional details and ornaments is all the same that covering the fire with incombustible materials, saving from troubles not people but demons. It's a war with divine, it's a war with God!

Repent also in the fact that you did not even think about it, while you had to know all this. Repentance for participating in the war against the Cross of Christ must be incurred by all Orthodox people of the Russian country, without exception! This repentance is necessary and will certainly add light in our country, and lead us, ultimately, to the exit from a deep and dark night of lawlessness and apostasy! Amen!

The terms:
The Angel creations by lowering power:
1. Archistrategus
2. Cherubim's
3. Seraphim's
4. Thrones
5. Forceser's
5. Dominator's
6. Power
7. Forces
8. Beginning's
9. Archangels
10. Angels

* Three languages: Roman, Hebrew, Greek. The inscription Jesus Christ - “King of the Jews”. Nailed by Pontius Pilate.

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Александр Алексеенко
Word Two:
“The salt of enlightenment”.

We all remember the words of the Lord told to the First Apostles of Christ: "All you are the salt of the earth: Is it possible smothered salt restore to the salt? no, it can't be suitable, yes, yes, this salt shall be poured out and trampled by people. All of you are the light of the world: hail can not be hidden from the top of the mountain: No one burns a lamp and delivers it under a bushel, but it like candle, and it shines to all who are in the temple. Let your light be enlightened before men, and let your good works be seen and glorified your Father who is in the heavens. "(Matthew 5: 13-16)

Now, when the Lord completely took away the grace of all the clergy of the historic Orthodox churches without exception, the meaning of these words became clear until the end without any interpretation. They do not have the grace of the Most Holy Spirit - there is not the same salinity that the Lord spoke about, and with it light and good deeds. They simply came to their predetermined end because of the fact that there were fewer than three people out of a hundred mans in the church are save. I recall the visions of the Pochaev Shiaarchimandrite Theodosius, vouchsafed to receive an answer about the secret meaning of the number of fish caught by the Lord.
The vision is the first: "" A woman appears unexpectedly in front of me on a steep narrow path among hard-to-reach mountains. Seeing Her, I sanctified myself with the sign of the cross, so as not to fall into enemy deception (charm). However, her appearance was magnificent, and the attire was beautiful. Approaching, She looked at me with her marvelous eyes and said: "Do you want to know what that means? Listen and remember. At first 100% of those who called on God, then - 50%, and recently - only 3%, were saved. "
Second: "He was shown three female figures, dressed in beautiful long clothes. The first showed herself as a young and beautiful maiden, the second struck with the mature beauty and perfection of forms, the third appeared as a stately, venerable old man. The amazed prayer book asked: "Who are you?" At first, she answered that she was the youngest: "I am the Church of the first centuries of Christianity. In those blessed times, everyone who believed in Christ believed truly, and out of a hundred Christians all were saved! " The second continued with dignity: "I am the Church of the Middle Ages, uniting all true believers in the Savior. Then out of a hundred believers only fifty were saved! "The third, in response to the puzzled look of the silent elder, with sadness in her voice, explained that She is the Church of the last times. In these sorrowful times, out of a hundred people only three can be saved. "
But as soon as this number fell below the last digit, the time of the Second Coming of Christ also came, and at the same time the appearance of the post-apocalyptic Tsarist Orthodox Church, where the number of those saved will again be equal to one hundred people out of a hundred!

The "earth" of these words is a picture of the created world around us, and the "salt of the Earth" is the grace of the Holy Spirit, given to His bearers on the basis of a personal pre-election foreshadowed by God before they were born. Modern representatives of the Second Hierarchy of the clergy and became the same Laodicean church, about which the Lord spoke: "I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; Oh, if you were cold, or hot! But as you are warm, and not hot and not cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth. "(Rev 3, 15:16) And they became absolutely not necessary to anyone, because they were necessary only because of the presence in them of grace of the Holy Spirit, and the dispensation of God.. And now, wherever, whenever and whatever they say and do, do not pay any attention to them, because the grace of the Holy Spirit, taken from them will never return. And the light and salinity of the Blessedness of the Holy Spirit can be obtained from now only through the Last Apostles of Christ - the priests of the Royal Orthodox Church.

For the same reason, the need for today's earthly worldly leaders, whose holding corresponded to the average weighted holding of all their subordinates, disappeared after them, and was in many ways demonic. But now, now, in connection with the beginning of the three-stage Second Coming of Christ from the Gracious version of the development of world events, it has become just as unnecessary and therefore must be replaced by those whose keeping is subject to the keeping of God, which is most consistent with the keeping of the Holy Apostle to this day Evangelist John the Theologian, who now has the full right and blessing of God to directly control all processes on the Earth's Globe, giving directions and blessings to the Celestial Powers Bodiless, liberated m from the need to fulfill the rules of his involvement in the life of the created world. However, every one of the newly anointed Holders, who became the truth King and High Priest of their own world, has the same right and opportunity.

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Александр Алексеенко
After the word two:

1 Tim. 1, 5-14; Lk. 14, 25-35). "Salt is a good thing, but if the salt loses its strength, than to fix it?" Salt is the disciples of the Lord, who, teaching His instructions to people, exterminated the moral rottenness in them. If such teaching is called enlightenment, then the title of the salt should also pass to this latter. Then the whole saying will be in the form: good enlightenment, but if enlightenment loses its sense, then what is it for? Throw it !. . . The Enlightenment acts as a salt when it is filled with the beginnings and elements of the Lord's teaching when itself is in the discipleship of the Lord, and as soon as it retreats from this direction and instead of lessons of the Lord assimilates alien teachings, then it self-educates and becomes indecent, itself becomes infected with rottenness errors and lies, and begins to act not as healing, but as contagious evil. History confirmed and confirms this with all-round experiments. Why does no one listen to experience? The enemy at all induces darkness and everyone thinks that it's light when the teachings are kept away from the teachings of the Lord.

St. Theophan the Recluse. Thoughts for every day of the year.

From the author of the translation.
Do we need mans who stoleing money from peoples? There many word's at people against cauldron on head of Kiril. About cars, Wrist Watch, flying on Air.
Do we need sodomites in their cassocks? No any of!
"<..> ... But if enlightenment lost its power, then what's it for? Throw it!"

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Александр Алексеенко
Пока это все на сегодня.

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Отец Виктор
Чтобы править нужно быть носителем английского языка. Кто переводил и с помощью кого -чего?

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Александр Алексеенко
Вот текст, который я переводил:
https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=http%3A%2F ... tovym.html
Вот текст о Святых Киприане и Иустине.
https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=http%3A%2F ... 56706.html

Я переводил частично руками и с помощью переводчика "Google" проверял слова, подбирал по смыслу.
Если никто не может проверить, тогда я попрошу друга посмотреть, он лучше меня знает английский.

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Александр Алексеенко
В оригинале текст называется - " Помысел ".

Word three:
In this chapter of our site, we will continue to talk about the same things as in others, but through the prism of what is called in Orthodoxy icons - the image of heavenly, earthly or underworld. And this image can be a thought, a word, a book, a picture, a state of things, and much, much more. And in all this with the help of God we will try to understand.

The human thought is always the image or likeness of something that arose in the human soul at the suggestion of an angel or a demon, and thus always represents either an icon of God or an icon of a beast.

Angelic Thought is always a reflection of the primary world, and the Devil's thought is a reflection of the secondary world. This is their fundamental property. In the mind of the angels, there is never death, in the minds of demons, there is no life. And the price of choice between them is life or death. The one who chooses the icon of God is chosen by life, who chooses death by choosing the icon of the beast.

What is the icon of God for us? A display of the real world, things that really exist, even if they are things heavenly. And what is the icon of the animal? A reflection of things that do not exist, and a world that is not really there. So let's take a closer look at these icons in the form of human thought.

The angel approaches the man and suggests to him to think that a person is sinful and fell into many crimes of the Commandments of God, he became demoniac and is subject to placement in hell's monasteries. Or he begins to talk about God and God, about His love for the fallen mankind, about the truth of all that is written in Scripture and Tradition, about the binding fulfillment of promises, about faith, hope and love, meekness, mercy and self-control, God and the contempt of all that the world offers and the king of this world is the devil.

But here comes the demon to the man, and what does he suggest to think about? On worldly or terrestrial things perceived through the prism of atheism and disbelief, dislike and condemnation, non-recognition of the truths of Orthodoxy, indulgence to their earthly passions and passions. Of pride and vanity, of betrayal to the wife or husband, of the lust of the flesh and of the lust of the eyes and of everything else that leads one to a sad outcome and condemnation at the Private Court. The demon everywhere and everywhere deceives, in every sense and thought of him is always hidden the dirty trick and breath of death. Death is hidden in them everywhere and everywhere, but, of course, it is not obvious to a person who does not understand what thoughts are and where they come from. And demons use it.

Ignorance of man about the origin of thoughts is for the demons a cover of night, under which one can do his dirty deeds. But, again, without God's admission of this ignorance, it is impossible to see a man his true will, which in the light of the day will surely be carefully controlled by him, and man can neither know himself properly, nor display his hold. In this case, his salvation would be mechanical, not changing the basis of the individual. The potential sinner who got to Heaven, who was not transfigured by repentance, did not wash his tears with his tears, nor bleached his clothes with the grace of God, would be cast out of the feast of the marriage servant of the Heavenly King into outer darkness, following the fallen demons.

It would have been in the very situation where the demons were there, and by falling away revealing the grace's covering, which suddenly turned into an unbearable fire of the Love of God and forced them to hide from Him in the depths of the Hell. And it will be, as a temple, built on sand, preserving its stability only due to clear and sunny weather. But if you just go to the rain or come the time of testing, how the fall of this house will be according to the word of the Gospel "great."

And in order not to allow the repetition of what has already happened to demons, and the conditions of our stay on the Earth have been introduced, under which we for the time being do not know about the mechanism of the appearance in us of the thoughts, feelings, desires and will of man. But now, Thank God, this begins to be said not only in the ears of monastic novices and rare pearl seekers in the patristic heritage, but also publicly!

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Александр Алексеенко
Demons are ill and uncomfortable feels with what I write, and they try to resist the "Gospel" and the sermon of repentance - "Evangelism", but they are no longer allowed to prevent their appearance, and, most unpleasant for them, to their appearance through the icon of the beast that they conceived to create only for to bring us to the Antichrist. But, by intercepting gradually this demonic weapon and deploying it against the underworld, we will sooner or later achieve that all demons will leave the screens of TVs and computers, and what we call heavenly will take this place. The icon of the beast, which is the screen of a phone, tablet, computer or television, was devised by the devil so that all of peoples could simultaneously see and receive the Antichrist from them, and now this Icon of God is to be shown at once for the whole world a resurrection from the dead of the Monk Seraphim and the face of the Last Orthodox King.

And then we all will exclaim: "Death, where is your sting?" Hell, where is your victory? "Amen.